About Us

Weybridge Art Society (formerly Weybridge Society of Art) was founded in 1939 as a group of active artists, both professional and amateur, to 'encourage the practice of fine art and craftsmanship'.

The society has continued through a policy of selective membership, to put before the public some of the best art in Weybridge and the surrounding areas.

Members are recruited by invitation or, on application , by a selection committee. At present our membership stands at 45 and continues to increase, covering a truly eclectic mix of styles and media.

Currently we hold two exhibitions each year, in May and November, in Weybridge and the surrounding area.

The Committee

  • Chairman : Kate Merrigan
  • Treasurer : Nicky Spink
  • Secretary : Miranda Weber

General Committee

  • Beverley Gibsone
  • Victor Spink (Website monitor)
  • Jane Sewell

Selection Committee

  • Karina Gabner
  • Sue Relph
  • Greta Thomas