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Rosemary Maisonpierre - Profile

Award winning artist Rosemary Maisonpierre has over 30 years experience in fine art. Rosemary works mainly in oil and acrylic, and particularly enjoys painting classical realist still life. She seeks to portray how visually beautiful life can be, and paints with the eye of her heart to share how an item of everyday life can be transformed. She invites the viewer to stop & consider the world anew, to value & to be re-enchanted by the everyday objects we're familiar with. While Still Life is a passion, Rosemary also paints vignettes of Mediterranean village life, evoking memories of sunshine & lazy days. Using a palette knife & thick paint, she recreates the worn surfaces of old walls and architecture, capturing the memory of a place, echoes of the passage of time. Much of her work is the fruit of prayer and meditation, and her portfolio also extends to contemporary iconography, worked however in acrylic paint, rather than the more traditional egg tempera.