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I trained as a botanist at the Imperial College of Science and Technology (as it then was), with some basic instruction in botanical drawing. After my first degree and my PGCE year (those were the days) I spent nearly 40 years as a science teacher, subsequently a head teacher, in grammar and comprehensive schools. After retirement in 2000, I began to explore more seriously a lifelong interest in colour and shape. How one colour influences another intrigues me, as do the design possibilities of lines which can be described mathematically e.g. parabolas and other trigonometric curves. The possible connections between these phenomena seem endless. At first apparently unrelated, it becomes quickly clear that they can 'cooperate' to produce intricate and aesthetically pleasing effects. More recently I have begun to investigate colour and mathematical line inspired by 'organic' forms. I would be interested to learn what you think of my work. Find me at: john@johnmerrigan